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Looking back.... It has been a helluva great trip.
Below are a few nostalgic images from the 1950s
Links to some of the rest of the trip.
But first... you came for the beer... now stay for the music. Click HERE to sample the
background music from my youth. (Turn on your volume)
Take a closer look-back to the 1950s.
LIFE Magazine did a photo layout of a "32 hour prom" at Mariemont, Ohio High School
in 1958.  Includes over 370 photos plus additional text about Cincinnati's Coney Island.

Cherry Grove, Ohio - Fall of 1952 - High school friends - I'm the 4th from your left (with ball cap)

The Sidmobile - 1953
Jim, my HS bud and my 1941 Ford

1954 - A couple of HS buds stealing my dad's gasoline.

1954 - Forestville, Ohio - High school pals - Yes.. those are saddle shoes.

Anderson Township High School (ca. 1953)
The school site shown in this picture is long gone. I don't know when it was removed but the last time I drove by (several years ago) there were shopping centers on both sides of Beechmont Ave.

There is still an Anderson High School in a different location. And from their website it looks first rate. Much, much bigger and I'm sure better. But my teen age memories are tied to that image above. To flat-head V8s, Smitty mufflers, gray primer, stick shifts and being bullet proof, ten feet tall and immortal.

Well, in time, everything changes... things end... things begin...  so it goes.

But if you happen upon this page and the words: Linders Diner;  Williams Dairy Bar;  Phillip's Grocery and Charlies Barbershop brings back a memory or two... well - hell, you're as old as I am and you know "Go Redskins".

Welcome aboard.

A 1958 photo of Fountain Square, Cincinnati Ohio. (Image copied from the internet.)  The RKO Albee is to your right.
It was where in 1955 I saw my last movie as a civilian--- the day I enlisted.

Fountain Square, Cincinnati - 1907 (jpg Image)
Copyright 1907 by Detroit Publishing Co.
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(Bonus link Number 1. - its not mine: Cincinnati Views    A great collection
Bonus link Number 2. - Penny Postcards From Ohio     >>>      Passed to me by a fellow Andersonian:  Bill Agee

Newport, RI - Summer of 1958
I had three and a half years in the Navy at the time.
My car was a 1952 Chevy - Not doing bad for a PO2  ... Oh.. and I'm the tall guy on the left
The other guy was an old high school bud who was on a Destroyer homeported in Newport.

Sweet Bird Of Youth  Some thoughts while looking at a photo on the internet
Yes it all ties together... somehow.
July 1966   Our wedding trip
Photo at Rocky Point Park, Rhode Island
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Anyway the trip turned out well. 

I went from the skimmer Navy (aka surface) to Submarines.

Each time and place along the line has good memories but the Charleston Days holds a special significance... that city is where I met my wife.

It has been a winding road to the here and now but we were fortunate indeed to find our personal Sweet Spot.

Well that's the trip Pilgrim.  Nothing particularly earth shaking or heroic or out of the ordinary.  Just a damned good life and one I am grateful for.

A good wife, coupla grown tax-paying kids, a pretty nice dog and a paid-off, quiet place in the boonies. Now what more can a man ask for?

"The future belongs to those who show up for it."
---Mark Steyn

I showed up.......................

So far... so good
Now go listen to some GOOD music... its my nap time.

The Sweet Spot
April 2008  Colton, NY
"They" said, despite my objections, we had to grow old.  And considering the alternative - this is as fine a place to do it as I can imagine.