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A summary
Looking back at the 1950s
Built around the LIFE Magazine layout of the Mariemont, Ohio High School 1958  "32 Hour Prom" 
Sid Note: 
I have scoured the internet and included as many sources, links and images as I could find.  I saved much of the material to my computer to ensure it would be there the next time. Everything on the net vanishes eventually.     My Disclaimer.
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For this summary about the LIFE Magazine  Mariemont, Ohio  High School's 1958  "32 Hour Prom"  layout I have included additional but (I think) relevant information.  Included is some background about >> > Francis Reeves Miller <<<   the LIFE photographer who did the work.
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Early morning Cincinnati skyline viewed from the deck of the boat at the end of the all night boat ride on the Ohio River. Now begins their 2nd day of the "prom that went on and on"

The 1958 LIFE Magazine photo project of the "prom that went on and on" is very likely something of which you are not aware. 

It was more than a collection of pictures; it was a Moment In Time, and as you peruse the links think about what you see frozen in that moment. 

For example:   (1) Note that youth obesity was obviously not a problem. (2) Do the students appear to be younger or older (actually they were the same age) as the High School seniors that you see in today's America?

I assume most who read this are much younger than we who came into our teens during  the 1950s. For us the pictures are what we recall from that time.  Keep in mind that as time passes an increasingly long view is also quietly at work separating you from your own youth.

PS: The writer George Bernard Shaw once said that "youth is wasted on the young".    Shaw was full of crap. Youth is for exhilaration and burning the candle at both ends: living life to the hilt so that when old age comes you have a full memory bank to recall.

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The Cookout
Formal Dance
Boat Ride
1958 - The Last Dance

Take the time to closely  look at the pictures and think about what you see.

Many of the students after a brief rest during the second day of that 32 hour period in 1958 ( "the prom that went on and on" )  went to the only Cincinnati amusement park  at the time:   Coney Island. 

This image could easily be labeled "Tomorrow begins the rest of our lives".  Well hopefully those two young people in that photo are still alive. If so, they are now in their early seventies. Perhaps they are grand parents - or great grand parents. Doubtful if we will ever know. Wonder how it all turned out for them.

Time travel to 1958
Mariemont, Ohio was not far from where I grew up.  This collection of pictures is an excellent representation of how most American teen agers looked in the 1950s.  All that would end in a few years with the downward spiral of the 1960s and beyond.

One should make every effort to enjoy each of those "Moments In Time".

~~~Sid H. comments: 2012

Linked from the Mariemont Preservation Foundation - Archives --- Stated at the bottom of their page:
"LIFE Magazine featured Mariemont High School's 1958 Prom in its June issue (The Prom Went On and On).   There is an online archive of hundreds of photographs documenting the 32-hour event, from the formal dance to the riverboat cruise, and Coney Island the next day."
Coney Notes

Yes boys and girls, other than the one in New York City, there was (and is) another Coney Island. It is on the banks of the Ohio River near Cincinnati.

Mentioned in The 1958-Mariemont story are two famous facilities at "Coney" ---    Moonlight Gardens and Sunlite Pool.

First, a bit about Sunlite:

Text source:

"Sunlite Pool was - and still is - an engineering marvel. Measuring an incredible 200 by 401 feet, it remains the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world, holding over 3 million gallons of water at depths ranging from six inches to 10 feet. Up to 10,000 swimmers could be accommodated at a time."

Go here for a full copy of the Coney Island history source that is referenced  above.

Secondly, about Moonlight Gardens:
Some spell it Moonlight - some spell it Moonlite.
Po-TAY-tow!  ...  Po-TAH-tow!
The last dance by the Mariemont HS Class of 1958 was at Moonlight.

It was where - in that time B.E. (before Elvis) - that a boy would wear a coat and tie and for a couple of bucks he and his date would enjoy a warm summer night and dance to the music of the last of the big bands. Music in the 1950s still included bands such as Ralph Flanigan, the Miller band (yes it continued even if Glen Miller was gone), Benny Goodman and many others including music by various pop singers such as Cincinnati's Clooney sisters (they were George's aunts).

Moonlight Gardens
Coney Island, Cincinnatio, Ohio
Picture taken in June 1959

I have copied some text and images about Moonlight Gardens.
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Copied text from link here:

"Formal dance held at the Kenwood Country Club was only traditional part of Mariemont's prom."

Nowadays, in order for a high school prom to garner national attention, something rather extraordinary — or, better yet, something vaguely scandalous — has to occur before, during or after the event.

For example, maybe some indignant chaperones spray kids with Lysol after they discover the students “grinding” on the dance floor. Or a student uses a social networking site to ask a movie star or country music singer to be his or her date — and the actor, actress or singer says yes. Or a same-sex couple is crowned king and queen by their peers, prompting school officials, parents and other “grown-ups” to freak out.

But back in the day — specifically, back in 1958 — students at an Ohio high school simply had to stay awake in order to get their names and faces in the June 9, 1958, issue of LIFE magazine. Stay awake and dance, that is. And go riverboating. And eat breakfast. And ride roller coasters. And dance some more …

“Traditionally,” LIFE noted in its June 9, 1958, issue, “senior proms are the high school students’ big night to howl. To keep them happy and off the roads and ultimately wear them out, many high schools now sponsor all-night dances. The only trouble is that each generation seems to take longer to wear out.”

Students at Mariemont High School near Cincinnati came close to the ultimate this year when they put on a “prom” that lasted almost 32 hours. It started with a progressive dinner (spaghetti to strawberry cake), followed by a formal but highly energetic dance. Then the students boarded a river boat for a cruise and dancing to a jazz combo. Dawn found them somewhat subdued and back at the school for breakfast. Sent home for a short rest period, they emerged refreshed and descended on an amusement park. By nightfall half the students had discovered they were mortal and had gone home to bed. The rest whipped up another dance. “It keeps getting better and better,” one said, “as I get more and more numb.”
Mariemont High School Prom in  Time Magazine
Copied text from link here:

Fifty-two years after the original event, a picture of the Mariemont High School Junior-Senior Prom at Kenwood County Club appeared on page 16 of the May 17th, 2010 issue of Time magazine.  What was so special about this prom is that it was the first really extended hour prom in the United States and lasted almost 32 hours.  At the time Life magazine took pictures and they appear in their June 9th, 1958 issue.  Easily identifiable in the original picture are Don Hughes with Joyce Robinson (now Getz) and Jim Rockaway.  Perhaps some of you can identify others.

Essentially the evening started with a spaghetti to strawberry cake progressive dinner including informal games before the “formal but highly energetic dance”.  Following that, students embarked on a river boat for an all night cruise with dancing to a jazz combo.  Some students weren’t allowed to attend that part since they were required to keep to their normal midnight curfew.  Some of those students were happy with the continued restriction since they felt they were more awake to enjoy the following day.  Breakfast in the morning was back at the school followed by a short rest period.  Then it was on to Coney Island for a day of rides, “snoozing in the sun” and other entertainment.  Nightfall saw probably half the group enjoying yet another dance at Coney’s Moonlight Gardens.   The rest had gone home to bed.

It is interesting that this was the first Prom for Terrace Park students at Mariemont High School.  The Terrace Park High School’s last year was 1957.

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Sid comment:

Moments In Time

Near the end of the SciFi movie BLADERUNNER there is a line spoken by a character who is dying.    It goes like this:

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... I watched sea beams glitter in the dark near the terhausen gate... All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain..."
Over the years when I read any of the many diverse stories on this magic internet I think of that phrase:
"All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain."
I think that pretty much sums it up for most of us "un-famous people" . 

The "big picture" stuff may sometimes find its way into books and movies but all the day-to-day experiences and minutia of each individual life will, for the most part, be "lost in time like tears in the rain".

Many of us try to save what we can on this will-of-the-wisp internet and most of our stories have zip to do with any "big pictures".

It would be beyond anyone's capacity to share everyone's experiences. Fortunately there are a few of us that spin out our vignettes and save what is possible. 

The payoff is that some of these stories and collections of images - some, our own - some are other's --- may strike a chord of familiarity. These are the ones that elicit comments like, "Yeah I did that too - and until I read so and so's story or saw those pictures I had forgotten those Moments In Time."

I reckon the best we can do is to assemble our own small jigsaw pieces so that perhaps the totality comes just a tad closer to forming that elusive "big picture". 

Aging takes a toll - have exact change