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Adapted from Don Blanding
West of the sunset stands a house,
there... and east of the dawn;
North to the Arctic runs my yard;
South to the Pole, my lawn;
Seven seas are to sail my ships
To the end of the earth ...beyond;
Drifters' gold is for me to spend
for I am a vagabond
Fabulous cities are mine to loot;
Queens of the earth to wed;
fruits of the world are mine to eat;
the couch of the king, my bed;
All that I see is mine to keep;
Foolish, the fancy seems
But I am rich with the world of Sight,
The coin of the realm of dreams
When I have a I sometime may
... I'll suit my fancy in every way.
I'll fill it with things that have caught my eye
in drifting from Iceland to Molakai.
It won't be correct or in period style,
But...oh, I've thought for a long, long while.
NAVY DAYS   From 1955 to 1976      Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN(Ret)
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