Pictures from a galaxy long ago and far away
Sid takes some leave - Summer 1965
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Charleston, SC   1965-1966   -   Some pics from Submariner days

Jack Lohman
Yeo from the Lafayette SSBN-616
At his place downtown (below the drain)
Note: Jack does photos

Walko*** and Sharyn
***FT1(SS) - Boomer sailor and an "Oblivion" inmate

Robinson - ST2(SS) - From a Charleston boat
He was one of the five Oblivion inmates.
Rear of our snake ranch on Palm Blvd:  aka  "Oblivion"
It came complete with a private beach on the Atlantic
Isle of Palms - 1965-1966

Walko and his Triumph - At South Battery

Mike Reedy - Yeo from CSG-6 Staff - another Oblivion inmate
Don't recall who the gal was
Obviously some serious sip-sip-sippin' was being done

Walko leaning against wall
Woody (with camera) - An FT2(SS) from the Von Stuben
Both were fellow inmates from "Oblivion"

Sid note:

And about that name on the 300 King Street sign: "Warner, Porter and Warner"? 

Well Byron Warner and his sister Flo were 2/3 of that trio.

At that time Byron was a sailor stationed at the CSG-2 (Charleston SC) TV studio (they made training videos).
Its a safe bet that had I not met him I probably would never have met my wife and all that followed in my life.
A good example of Serendipity.

What Byron is doing now

Thank you Byron.