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But first... a little background.

Back in the mid 1960s, Jack was a once-upon-a time steely-eyed killer from the deep. Also, raconteur, party-guy, good fellow and former submarine crewmember of the USS LAYFAYETTE SSBN-616. I was on the USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON SSBN-617 at the time. That was when I knew him on the party circuit in Charleston, South Carolina. His apartment was just one of many "off-base bachelor bubblehead living accommodations" (known by some as "snake ranches") that were to be found around Charleston, The Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant and Sullivan's Island.

So, when not boring holes in the ocean with the nuclear pistol loaded and cocked; doing turn counts on Ivan and thwarting the evil empire - submariners partied.

Later on, we all grew up. The cold war ended. We got old.

As an added note, shortly after my wife and I married in 1966 Jack took a bunch of great photos of us during a walking tour around the old part of Charleston. As we knew my submarine would be leaving Charleston and it was unlikely that we would return to the place where we had met --- to that city which held so many fond memories for us. We wanted some pictures from "South of Broad St." and along the Battery. Now, looking at those photos is always a trip back in time for us. Thanks Jack.

Sid Harrison
March 2001

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Now..... Here is Jack Lohman
The THORNBACK's pictures were taken just before I left the Navy in April, 1966. I replaced the regular Yeoman for a six week ASW ops cruise to Cuba. We would do ASW ops during the week and then go to Jamaica for the weekend, both MoBay and Port Antonio. Looking back I wish I had taken more photos.

I was always interested in photography and after the Navy went to Brooks Inst. of Photography in Santa Barbara. CA and graduated in 1972. Went on to work in a Dallas studio. I now do digital photo archiving and old photo digital repair.


Jack says, "Hi Guys!"
Sunset Key West 1994 while my family and I lived on our boat.