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An index of the writings and art of 
CDR Ed Bookhardt USN/Ret as presented in this website.
Poem:   November's Warrior   by CDR Ed Bookhardt  USN/Ret

Navy Log is also maintaining some of Ed's stories HERE
A Saigon Christmas
Monsoon   Part 1
Mekong Memories   Part 2
Stones Of Gray
A December remembered
The Studebaker
The Devil's Weave
Uncle Buck, an Asiatic Fleet Sailor
The Black Gang
The Summer of '43
CDR Ed Bookhardt, US Navy, Retired is a former SeaBee with 30+ years active Navy service who worked his way up through the ranks from Seaman Recruit to Commander.

Access more of Ed's watercolor pieces below.

This is a small sampling of watercolors by CDR Ed Bookhardt USN/Ret
(Excuse the camera "flash" spot due to bounce from glass in framed works)
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Country Store
Savannah River
The River
The following comments,  along with the image attachments linked above,
were in the e-mail that I received from Ed :
"I have spoke on occasion of a second career as an artist. My watercolors became very popular among collectors over an 18 year period and were exhibited in New York, Los Angles and other major cities, particularly throughout the South. I turned to writing some years back and no longer paint. Trust you may enjoy some of the few samples I was able to retain...Ed"