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Stories by veterans that look at life "way back then"
Bonus link: CLICK HERE
A great collection of 70 color "way back then" images of the USA in the 1930s/1940s.
When I was young
The best things in life are free
Memories of mother and dad
The war years
Back to basics 
Another flashback
Pearl Harbor Day
Bob Harrison
b. 13 December 1924 - d. 3 July 2001
Bob started this whole "memberin" thing.
Former WW-II Navy Motor-Mac and Hoosier hotshot. More of his writings may be accessed HERE
Bicycle stories
Bob Harrison and
Ron Smith
b. 1925  -  d. 12 September 2008
Ron was a WWII Submariner, author and frequent poster on Submarine forums. And like Bob H. he was a Hoosier.    Remembering Ron Smith
I read Bob Harrison's story
The night the lads came home
The Red Rocket
Fort Bragg - WWII Memories
Dex Armstrong
b. 26 December 1940  -  d. 8 July 2014
Dex, with his chewed up Eagle No. 3 pencil and a lined tablet is like the energizer bunny of tale-tellers. So far he has written ten years worth of smoke-boat stories about his Navy hitch.
All of Dex's mind-dumps may  be accessed HERE
We were poor but we didn't notice
Tom Parks
b. 15 August 1921 - d. 4 October 2000
Tom got an early start (1939) as a WW-II US Submariner and has the War Patrol Pin to prove it. He has a very informative and  beautifully done webpage HERE.
Watermelon Days
Myron Howard
Myron was an Engineman on the USS BREAM  during the 1950s and now has his hand in many submarine webpage projects. His main page is HERE
We all were in the same boat
Joe Roche
Joe left New York City to become an Engineman on USS SIRAGO (SS-485) during the cold war.  He now lives in Delaware. Joe's bio is HERE
1965 Household Budget
Dave Stoops
Dave was as an Electricians Mate and served from 1964 until Nov. 1970. After nuke training his entire time was in USS PERMIT SSN-584. He lives in Texas.
Simple means and tools
Ric Hedman
Ric was a cold-war submariner who just keeps finding more good submarine history to put into his excellent collection. Through The Looking Glass
2 on one page:
The way things were    and
In the summer of 1900 in
The United States of America
The Sminkeys
Two observations, copied from Paul  Wittmer's  WW2 Submarine Veterans website.  SOURCE
The Studebaker
The Devil's Weave
Uncle Buck, an Asiatic Fleet Sailor
The Black Gang
A December remembered
The Summer of '43
Ed Bookhardt
Ed  is a former Navy SeaBee who worked  his way from Seaman Recruit to CDR.

More...  List of Ed's writings and art.