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The following are from shipmate Bob Waters' e-mails. He also sent me some scanned photos of the Hamilton during the mid-sixties. It's been awhile so there may be a few inaccuracies. If anyone has further info or corrections about the pictures please e-mail Bob or myself.




Sid Harrison (USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN-617G.. 1965-1969)
Subject: Memorial Day Remembrance
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998
From: "Robert J. Waters" ?>




Since reading your memorial to Jack last year I have been to DC many times. The first time since discovering Jack had died in the War, I went to the Wall and as usual visited with our comrades. As I stood before Jack and touched him, the most unnerving feeling overcame me. I knew Jack was on the other side and was touching me back. I think of him often and visit with him every time I get to the city. I, also, think of other shipmates including you, Shumate, Baby Yeo, Jim Garrison (may he rest in peace) and of course Harvey Lyons the Great No-Neck.
I hope all (of them) are doing well, and that you are enjoying life on the farm.



The best to you and all my shipmates on this Memorial Day,

It was a special time in my life,



Some SSBN-617 Photos - Courtesy of Bob Waters


(01-JPG) (that's Shu on far left - me far right). Field day AMR1 upper level. I believe it was just prior to our ritual patrol water fight.

(02-JPG) Was a pic taken in the bow compartment. We were arriving at the Wepons sta. neat Monck's Corner, I just love that name. The barber was an IC2 but I cannot recall his name. You may notice the laceration over my right ear. I was going to the bridge to check on the suitcase. The lower hatch was not properly latched because of the floating wire. We rolled and the hatch hit me. Because it was my first time topside in nearly three months, I ignored the pain and dizzyness. The OD finally noticed that I was bleeding and ordered me below to the Dr. His name was Dente if you recall from NY. He did not think it needed stitches, but, later, when Doc Gormley saw me he gave me hell for letting the Dr. care for me instead of him.

(03-JPG) (Me far left) The guys are all ICmen. The only one I really remember is the barber (second from right). He was a Mormon, and I remember he used to tell us how he and his wife used to have sex in situations that they might be caught by her family prior to their marriage.

(08-JPG) is yours truly in the control room. I remember you demonstrating the radar to me while on sea trials.

(11-JPG) The 86 man bunkroom. Once again it looks like I am getting ready for liberty. It was an interesting place to sleep. I slept opposite a first class cook we called Pop. He went through Boot Camp at Sampson NY at about the same time as my father. He retired after my first patrol. I wonder if it was too much for him to live with, that he and my father were comtemporaries and now he had to serve with me.

(13-JPG)  , (20-JPG) , (21-JPG) are pictures taken in Tongue of the Ocean. We are on the Sound Lab's barge heading into Nassau.

(15-JPG) Arriving in Gander NF. The runway was all ice. The trip over was memorable because I was told to guard a missle TM that refused to make the trip and non-volled at the airport. Do you remember the tall guy from Boston that would have to get drunk to get on the plane? I think he may have been a nuc IC.

(16-JPG) The guy on the extreme right was named Thomas (last) he was a MM, I think the others were too. They were cubical mates.
Subject: Re: pics Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999)
Sid, Glad to hear from you.
What about the pictures that Life Magazine took of us when returned to New London and had to take those Congressmen for a joy ride after 89 days at sea? Did you ever see them or do you know how I might get copies? And, also, we
did a cruise book that no one ever got. Any ideas what became of it?
All my best, Bob

(Excerpt from another e-mail)
It is nice to look back. Especially with someone who was there - even if we are now too old to recall all the particulars. When I reviewed the pictures, after
your e-mail, some events started to flood back into my mind.
Real Nice.