The following are some USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN-617 images.
Some copied from other SSBN-617 web sites (with credit), others are my own.
Circa 1975 - From D. W. Habhegger's page

Circa Mid 1960s
Allen "Buzz" Danielsen - Holy Loch, Scotland

Circa Mid 1960s
Crews dinette - on patrol - Buzz on the right

Commisioning Booklet Cover
From D. W. Habhegger's page

Boat patch - circa mid-'60s
From D. W. Habhegger's page

Charlie Tiffin MMC(SS) USN(Ret)
Picture taken in Florida - 2002
COB Tiffin
Picture taken in 1969
COB Tiffin's HAMILTON GOLD tour: Nov. 1962 until retirement 1 June 1970. He became Chief Of The Boat in Summer of 1966 when Catfish Evans went to shore duty. Charlie says,"Roger Gibson left just before I did , so I was the last original plankowner from either crew."